Your Oshawa Dentists since 1995

King Ritson Dental Clinic is a local dental clinic in Oshawa that strives to help any customer that walks in feel like they are receiving great service in order to maintain a healthy smile. With a team of 10 Dentists and 25 Dental Hygienists, KR Dental will provide a variety of treatments and services in order to serve any issues you may have with your oral health.

With up to date procedures, KR Dental Clinic will ensure that you have a positive experience that will have you leave the office with a smile. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

KR Dental Clinic offers many services that cover almost all aspects of oral health:

CEREC Ceramic Restorations:

with CEREC technology, a ceramic restoration can be done within a day. By taking a digital image of the tooth, a virtual 3D impression can be made and a permanent restoration can be made in one visit.


Cosmetics and Restorative Dentistry:

these are procedures that will strengthen and improve the appearance of your teeth, some examples of this are: teeth whitening, veneers, composite bondings, crowns etc.



a simple and inexpensive option to replace one or more teeth. We also offer more secure dentures using implants.


Digital Dental X-Rays:

an almost immediate way to get an x-ray of teeth using the latest technologies. Digital dental x-rays also allows for less radiation exposure.


Family Dental Care and Children:

our clinic is family friendly with a children’s play area including X-Box & GameCube consoles. With the use of multiple hygienists, we can see more than one family member at the same time. Parents can monitor their children in the waiting room from each operatory via. our TV’s.



using clear and removable appliances, Invisalign can straighten teeth without the use of any wires or brackets, guaranteeing an invisible way of fixing teeth.



with the latest technology, KR Dental will be able to provide a way to replace one or more front and/or back teeth.

Orthodontics and Invisalign:

with various types of braces (traditional, translucent, harmony lingual, Invisalign), orthodontics will straighten your teeth into the optimal position.


Lumineers and Veneers:

a natural cosmetic solution to improving the overall appearance of teeth. (stains, chips and discolouration)


Periodontics and Gum Grafting:

using your own tissue or synthetic tissue to restore and strengthen your gums.


Preventative Dentistry:

providing routine cleaning and checkup in order to identify any small problems before they become larger ones. We provide solutions in order to minimize or correct the problem.


Root Canal:

an effective method of keeping a tooth by removing the infected nerve and treating it with a filling or crown.


Sedation Dentistry:

there are several types of sedation that can be used in order to ensure maximum comfort of the patient.



the creation of custom sportsguards for participants that are involved in contact sports. Sportsguards aid in the protection of teeth and prevention of concussions.


Wisdom Teeth:

the extraction of wisdom teeth that are poorly positioned and/or causing inflammation or infection.

King Ritson Dental Clinic is located at 255 King Street East in Oshawa, Ontario just a five-minute drive from the Oshawa Centre. We are open seven days a week to serve the community.

KR Dental strives on being an accessible and collaborative office that provides an array of procedures that will ensure a healthy smile. We pride ourselves on serving the local community to the best of their dental needs and strive to provide our patients with the best experience.