If you are missing teeth and want to improve your smile, then there are a few options that you have. Dentures, Fixed Bridgework and Dental Implants are the most common choices for tooth loss, and which choice you pick depends on the type of tooth loss you have, your age, and how much you want to spend. They are all very different options, so you will need to decide which procedure would work best for you and your lifestyle. This blog post provides an overview of the dramatic differences between dentures, fixed bridgework, and dental implants and which is most suitable for individual people.

The Big Differences

Dentures (full or partial) are removable replacement teeth. They are held into the mouth by the remaining teeth or with a denture adhesive and can replace single missing teeth, many missing teeth, or no teeth. A fixed bridge is not removable and is cemented in place and supported by the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth. An implant, on the other hand, replaces a single tooth (sometimes an implanted bridge will replace many consecutive missing teeth). An implant is placed into the jawbone, and a post is inserted that, once healed into the bone, an implant crown (tooth) is placed on.

The benefit of implants and fixed bridgework is that many people report having teeth that act and feel like their original teeth. You can also care for an implant and fixed bridgework in the same way you care for your original teeth (brushing and flossing) instead of having to remove them every night for cleaning. Many common complaints with dentures are that they do not feel like real teeth, that chewing and speaking can be an issue, and that loose dentures can irritate your gums. When you are missing teeth, your jawbone also can deteriorate, and implants are the best option to prevent this from occurring.

Implants are a great option for individual teeth and small gaps of missing teeth but are not ideal if you are missing all of your teeth. There is another option though, which are implant supported dentures. Implants are placed into your jawbone in strategic places so that dentures can be fixed to the implants. This makes chewing easier, and you will not have to worry about dentures falling out or becoming detached.

Ideal Candidates

Dental implants are an excellent option for many people, but not for all. An ideal candidate should have healthy gums, should have enough bone in their jaw for the implant to anchor to, is not be too young because the jaw is likely not finished growing, is not a heavy smokers, does not have a chronic disease that can affect healing, and does not grind their teeth.

If you are interested in dentures, almost everyone can get them, unless you have serious gum health issues or an unhealthy jawbone. However, you can work with your dentist to return your gums to better health so that you can comfortably wear dentures.

Dental Implants at KR Dental in Oshawa

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