We are proud to provide iTero™ scanner technology to our patients in need of treatment. The iTero™ scanner is all about patient comfort. It delivers a digital impression that is much more accurate than a routine dental impression. The iTero™ scanner does not expose our patients to any type of radiation and is completely safe. The best part is that the iTero scanner is fast and accurate.

At King Ritson, Intraoral digital scans help dental professionals create accurate physical dental models for restorative work, including crowns, veneers, and implants. They also help orthodontists diagnose orthodontic problems and develop the best treatment plans for Invisalign.

The iTero™ scanner allows for a free impression of the patient’s mouth that automatically accounts for many of the deviations that tend to present themselves with other imaging techniques.

iTero allows for impressions that:

  • Are more accurate than other methods can provide.
  • Tend to be faster to record.
  • Are less prone to errors.
  • Require fewer retakes than other methods.
  • Create more accurate prosthetic devices that require less fine tuning.
  • Can be used to create corrective devices faster due to the lack of needed modeling.
  • Tend to allow for a higher degree of comfort to the patient and care provider.

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