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Graduated with honours from Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine, NYC, May 2018.

“Ever since I began to work at King Ritson during the summers throughout university, I have been looking forward to joining the team full time. It is highly rewarding to work alongside people who share the same passion for providing personalized, comprehensive care for patients in the community.

King Ritson provides an exceptional opportunity to further develop my knowledge and skills, as I work with an amazing team of expert mentors, while using the most advanced technologies and leading-edge procedures to help ensure optimal patient care and satisfaction. I enjoy speaking with my patients and using educational materials to demonstrate the importance of preventative oral health care. This also allows me to walk them through ways to make informed decisions about how to proceed with treatments.”

While in dental school, Dr. Robert volunteered his time to running a clinic for homeless and undocumented immigrants in Harlem, New York. Additionally, he provided screening and education to local youth in Harlem through his participation in Give Kids a Smile.

When he’s not pursuing his professional goals, Dr. Robert enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, hiking, tennis, ultimate frisbee and snowboarding.




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Graduated with honours from University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 2017.

Dr. Ku continued her post-graduate training at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in New Jersey, obtaining her General Practice Residency and Invisalign certification. There she also cared for medically compromised patients, trauma patients, and underserved populations in a multidisciplinary setting.

“I am a strong advocate for preventive yet comprehensive care. With the materials and technology available today, this is all possible.
I strive to make my patients comfortable and informed about their dental treatment, so they can maintain their oral health for years to come.”

Outside of the office, Dr. Ku enjoys spinning, running, skiing, drawing, reading, and cooking.




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Graduated from Boston University, School of Dental Medicine, May 2015.

“I am passionate about life-long learning. Through continuing education in dentistry, I strive to broaden my horizons of treatment options, as well as to refine my present skill set.  My ultimate goal is to provide every patient with extremely positive dental experiences, especially if they have previously disliked seeing the dentist. Additionally, I am pursuing continuing education into the many advances in digital and implant dentistry. These fields allow us to employ effective strategies to improve patient comfort, reduce the invasiveness of treatment and ultimately save the patient’s valuable time and money, all while providing exceptional, long-lasting results!

I firmly believe that a healthy body starts with a healthy smile. My philosophy is to consider all of the patient’s long-term needs and core values when customizing the treatment that I offer, always working together with the patient and the entire team at King Ritson Dental Clinic, to find and deliver the best possible solutions for their individual needs.

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know our current patients as well as welcoming new patients.

If you’d like to see some of the cases I’ve done, click here to view my portfolio! 

Please call the office to make an appointment, or stop by the office to say hello!” Check out Julians video on Dental Implants!




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Dr. Paulovic graduated with honours from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2023.  Prior to dental school, he studied Kinesiology at McMaster University and was on the Dean’s Honour List throughout all four years of his studies.

Dr. Paulovic places a strong emphasis on the power of communication in healthcare. “I recognize that effective communication is fundamental in establishing trust, understanding and long lasting patient-dentist relationships. My commitment to clear and transparent communication is a cornerstone of my practice philosophy, ensuring that my patients feel informed, empowered, and supported throughout their treatment journey. Visiting the dentist can be challenging for some more than others, so I focus on combining my empathetic nature with clear and sensitive communication to create a comfortable environment that allows the teasing out of any barriers to care.”

Believing strongly in the value of continuous learning and self-improvement, Dr. Paulovic remains dedicated to staying current with the latest advancements in dentistry. Through ongoing participation in continuing education courses, he strives to provide his patients with the most up-to-date and effective treatments available. His unwavering commitment to lifelong learning reflects his dedication to delivering the highest standard of care and ensuring that his patients receive nothing but the best in dental services.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Dr. Paulovic enjoys a variety of hobbies including hockey, skiing, carpentry, DIY projects, music, playing guitar, traveling, cooking and spending quality time with friends and family.




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Dr. Noah received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) degree Cum Laude from Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary in 2017.

Prior to Dental School, he completed his Bachelor of Science at Western University. Upon becoming a licensed dentist in Canada in 2019, he worked in North Bay, ON for a year and a half before returning to Southern Ontario.

Dr. Noah’s favourite part about being a dentist is building long-term relationships with his patients through genuine interactions. He enjoys treating individuals of all generations. Dr. Noah is a certified Invisalign provider. When he’s not practicing, he enjoys spending time with his wife, his puppy, ‘Lady’ and his son, Ben.




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Graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia in 2003.

“I like working with people and helping them out. I was drawn to dentistry because it’s possible to develop long-term relationships with my patients.

I enjoy the advances made possible with cosmetic dentistry and the way it can transform a person’s smile. It’s gratifying to see how the change in a patient’s appearance creates a change in attitude. Their own beautiful smile makes them feel better on the inside, too.”




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Dr. Chris Chekay started at King Ritson Dental in September of 2020.
“I am looking forward to creating meaningful and lasting relationships with my patients and to providing them with the highest quality of care. What I really love about dentistry is the opportunity to improve a patient’s oral health while contributing greatly to their overall health. Dentistry also affords me the opportunity to be a life-long learner through continuing education. I am able to learn the newest technologies and advances in the dental industry and continuously improve the level of care for my patients. Every patient and case is unique and I take great pride in attentively listening to my patients and understanding their specific needs to ensure I am providing the best quality of care I can. I strive to make sure all my patients feel comfortable and are satisfied with their dental treatments.

In my spare time you can usually find me at the cottage, working on the next project, fishing, ATV-ing or snowmobiling. I also enjoy hiking, exploring new places and travelling. While traveling I collect postcards from every destination I visit and I am hoping to add to my collection soon.”




Reach Dr. Boodram’s Reception Directly at (905) 579-5464.


Graduated with honours from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in June 2021.

Following graduation, Dr. Boodram elected to pursue a residency program at the Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, New York, through the University at Buffalo’s Jacob School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. During her residency, she received advanced training in all branches of dentistry and was able to provide a full range of dental services to a diverse patient population, including those with medical comorbidities and special needs.

“It bothers me that so many individuals identify as feeling frightened or uncomfortable in dental settings. I strive to be the kind of dentist who puts my patients at ease and ensures they maintain their autonomy by explaining all available treatment options. The ideal treatment for each patient depends upon a multitude of factors and can only be elected following an informed discussion between patient and practitioner. As our field is ever advancing, I will continually further my education and training in modern technologies and techniques to be best equipped to serve my patients here at King Ritson.”

Throughout her training, Dr. Boodram has been involved with organizations promoting oral health education and advocating for improved access to dental care for vulnerable populations. She is passionate about improving oral health literacy.

In her down time, she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, experimenting in the kitchen, and spending time with friends and family.




Reach Dr. Di Santo’s Reception Directly at (905) 579-2521.


Graduated from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry in 1995.

Prior to entering private practice, Dr. Di Santo completed a one-year residency in dentistry at the Toronto General Hospital where he gained valuable experience in oral surgery and helping medically compromised patients.

“I strive to educate my patients on the importance of their dental health and provide the best dental care possible in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Our office is equipped with the latest dental technologies and I enjoy furthering my dental education to provide my patients with the most current techniques available in dentistry. My staff and I will always greet you with a smile and do everything we can to make your visit a pleasant one.”

Outside the office, Dr. Di Santo enjoys playing golf, hockey and travelling with family and friends. Check out Adriano’s video on our CT Cone Beam Scanner at the office!




Reach Dr. Di Pierdomenico’s Reception Directly at (905) 443-3295.


Graduated from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry in 1995 and completed a dental internship at Sunnybrook Hospital in 1996.

“Helping people and making a difference is very satisfying especially when someone overcomes their fears. From a child’s first visit to completing a case of mini implants, I enjoy all aspects of Dentistry. A result of today’s technology is that it allows us to give a patient that great smile in the most comfortable setting.

Our staff always goes the extra mile for our patients and that is why we make such a great team. You can be assured we are striving to make your teeth look and feel their best.”




Reach Dr. Camastra’s Reception Directly at (905) 579-2442.

Upon graduation from the University of Toronto School of Dentistry in 1982, Dr. Camastra came to Oshawa and has been practicing dentistry here ever since. “In fact, many of my patients and staff have been with me from the very beginning, which gives me great personal satisfaction.”

“Providing my patients with the best possible dental care is not only my profession, but my passion. Through continuing education, I continually strive to keep up with advances in general and cosmetic dental technology, enabling me and my team to offer my patients the most effective treatment options available. Most recently, I have attended advanced courses in Dental Implants, as well as in LASER Dentistry, so my patients have access to all the benefits of these cutting edge technologies. My commitment as a dentist has always been to help my patients achieve and maintain the smile they desire, thus enhancing their health and quality of life. Through observing my professional satisfaction, my sons were inspired to pursue dental careers as well, and I can’t tell you the great pride and joy I feel to now have them working by my side and my daughter, a chiropractor, working just down the street.

In his free time, Dr. Camastra enjoys traveling, keeping fit and active with running, snowboarding and water sports, as well as spending time with his wife and their family. Check out Al’s office interview video here! 




Reach Iwona Ceba’s Reception Directly at (905) 579-1377.


Graduated from George Brown College with a diploma of Denturism in 2002. She trained in Switzerland on Gerber denture setup techniques and BPS dentures in Lichtenstein.

“I strive to provide my patients with a smile they are proud to wear while simultaneously improving their appearance and quality of life. My largest motivator is patient satisfaction which is why I work with you, striving to exceed your expectations until you are completely pleased with the outcome.

As an individual I am committed to studying and using the latest methods and technologies in denture construction. I am a member of the Denture Implant Study Club (DISC), which is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to the belief that the best denturists continually share the best and latest information with their peers.”

On her time off Iwona loves to spend time with friends and to travel, which often fuels her enjoyment for cooking and photography.