When people think about getting a “smile makeover,” what comes to mind are usually veneers, teeth whitening or implants. These techniques have a focus on the appearance of the teeth and gums.

But most do not consider the way their upper and lower teeth fit together to form your bite. This is the foundation of your teeth, and contributes more to the aesthetic of your teeth than any other procedure. 

Without the right foundation in place, you would not be able to achieve long-lasting results.

This is why orthodontics, the dental area concerned with correcting the positioning of your teeth, is an important consideration on your smile makeover journey. Crooked teeth can cause health problems, issues with chewing and digestion, speech difficulties and sensitivity around self-esteem.

Not only will aligning your teeth into their correct positions help you with their aesthetic, but it will also help your overall oral health and help with any aesthetic dental work you choose to do.

Your first step is to book an appointment with an orthodontist at a clinic like King Ritson Dental Clinic in Oshawa. Our orthodontist has extensive knowledge in tooth alignment and will evaluate the current state of your teeth in order to come up with a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

There are many different options available to you, depending on the shape of your teeth and the issues you face. Metal or clear braces are the standard treatment for most patients with bite irregularities. There are also clear aligners, one well-known brand is Invisalign, which are retainers that fit over your teeth and are removable and progress over time to slowly mold your teeth to the ideal form. Most adults favour clear aligners because they are invisible, unlike braces, and won’t disrupt their daily lives as they can remove them easily.

Orthodontists work with a team of other dentists, specialists and oral surgeons in order to create a comprehensive treatment for your smile makeover. With such a team, not only will the foundational structure of your teeth be taken care of, but the overall aesthetic will come together as well with the help of other dental specialists, such as your gums and the appearance of your pearly whites. The goal is to have a complete transformation and production of a beautiful smile.

Contact us here at King Ritson Dental for more information about how orthodontics can get you the smile makeover you desire. Call us by phone at 289-274-7629 or fill out our contact form online to make an appointment for a consultation.