Oshawa Dentist: Professional, At-Home Teeth Whitening

Many people want to brighten and whiten their smiles, but are unsure whether you should opt for professional whitening treatments or at-home teeth whitening products. Both options can effectively lighten teeth if used properly.

This article explores the key advantages of opting for teeth whitening do-it-yourself kits. At our Oshawa dental clinic, you will have professionally customized trays that you can easily apply at home.

At-Home Solutions: Convenient, Affordable Whitening Power

For at-home teeth whitening, over-the-counter products like whitening strips, brush-on gels, or whitening toothpastes offer a convenient, budget-friendly option. These contain far lower levels of hydrogen peroxide, at under 10%.

Popular whitening strips mould to your teeth and are worn for 30 minutes or more per use. Whitening gels are brushed onto your teeth and left on for 5 to 10 minutes. Results appear gradually over consistent use of a couple of weeks.

At-home kits are somewhat simple to use and more affordable compared to professional whitening.

There are numerous over-the-counter solutions at a local drug store, but you may notice missed spots without professional customized trays. You may also see less noticeable results, with frequent touch-ups required.

Teeth Whitening in Oshawa: Custom Trays for At-Home Use

Our Oshawa dental office provides customized take-home teeth whitening kits. These whitening kits include 100% customized dental trays, professionally made from impressions of your teeth and oral structure. This professional method lends itself well to optimal contact with the whitening gel.

During your first visit, we gather impressions of your teeth to create the customized trays. Our dental lab will then create your trays using thin, transparent plastic material. This piece is moulded specifically to your oral structure for trays that fit without irritating your gums.

Using Your Take-Home Whitening Kit

To use the kits, you simply fill the custom trays with our high-concentration whitening gel, which is only available by prescription from dentists. Pop the filled trays over your teeth and wear for 30–60 minutes daily over a 2-week period. Our dentist-supervised kits utilize stronger whitening gels compared to over-the-counter strips or products, allowing for faster, more noticeable brightening—up to 8 shades on average.

The custom-fitted trays optimize contact between the powerful whitening gel and your teeth, targeting stains more effectively than strips or paint-on gels that may miss spots. Complete treatment times vary based on desired whiteness, but most people can expect to see results within 7–10 days.

Teeth Whitening: Oshawa Trusts King Ritson Dental Clinic

Our take-home kits offer many benefits compared to in-office treatments or drugstore whiteners. The custom trays allow you to gradually whiten on your schedule in the comfort of home. You also save time and money with our trays versus in-office visits. Contact KR Dental to experience our safe, convenient, and effective take-home teeth whitening. We want to help you reveal your brightest smile!

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