THOR Low Level Laser Therapy


THOR’s Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), “cold laser”, is an innovative technology that applies red and near infrared light over injuries to promote healing.

LLLT is an excellent, safe alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs, because it is effective and causes no pain or side effects for patients. Benefits to using LLLT include reduced inflammation, improved speed and quality of tissue repair, relief from acute and chronic pain and muscle trigger points released.

LLLT works well on a range of oral disorders and diseases and is beneficial for orofacial pain syndromes and orthodontic procedures. Also, LLLT can be used to decrease the discomfort of injections or reduce the use of anaesthesia for children.

LLLT can contribute to improvements in:
Tooth movement
Osseointegration of implants
Post extraction pain
TMJ Dysfunction
Dentine Hypersensitivity
Herpes simplex
Bone density
Aphthous ulcers
Periodontal disease
Bell’s Palsy

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