Our teeth are certainly strong, but they are not indestructible! When playing sports, teeth are especially vulnerable to taking a punch and completely chipping, breaking or even completely falling out. Preventing potential hard hits and other injuries to your mouth is essential to continue playing and enjoying the physical activities you love.

How can you ensure your pearly whites are protected on the field or ice? Mouthguards are the most viable solution, along with proper headgear. Learn more about how mouthguards can protect your teeth on and off the playing field.

Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards are an essential part of caring for your oral health if you are actively playing sports or performing physical activities. Mouthguards should be fitted by our professional Oshawa dentist to ensure a custom, secure fit. There are also other alternative mouthguard options to choose from when playing sports:

  • Custom-Designed: Custom-made and fitted mouthguards/sports guards are designed by our KR Dental dental hygienists specifically for you. Sports guards can be designed as protective gear for children of all ages to prevent severe injury to your teeth and gums and ensure your comfort and security.
  • Boil and Bite: A boil and bite mouthguard is often available at several various drugstores or sporting stores. These sports guards offer protection for athletes and offer a relatively secure fit. The guards are firstly boiled and softened in water, then inserted into the individual’s mouth as the guard adapts to their biting and mouth structure.
  • Stock: Stock mouthguards are the most inexpensive mouthguard model on the market. These guards come pre-formed and available for the individual to wear. However, they do not fit each individual the same or very well and can be bulky, uncomfortable and make it difficult to breathe normally while wearing. 


Caring For Your Mouthguard and Oral Health

To ensure your mouthguard is protecting your teeth, you need to protect and care for the mouthguard. Caring for the mouthguard consists of the following:

  • In between sports games, keep your mouthguard clean with soap and water then thoroughly dry.
  • Mouthguards may often need to be replaced more frequently for teens and children. Speak to our dentist about when to replace the sports guard and what signs of wear and tear to look out for.
  • Bring the mouthguard to each dental checkup at our KR Dental clinic for an evaluation and cleaning.
  • Do not leave the mouthguard exposed to sun or heat.
  • When transporting the sports guard, place it in a container with vents for it to try and stop bacteria from developing.

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