LUMINEERS™ are porcelain veneers that can be made as thin as a contact lens and are placed over existing teeth without drilling or requiring removal of tooth structure, in most cases (unlike traditional veneers). LUMINEERS™ are a permanent cosmetic solution for many patients with minor orthodontic problems such as stained, chipped, discolored or misaligned teeth.

LUMINEERS™ are a great treatment option because they do not require any tooth preparation or drilling so it is, therefore, a reversible treatment. Rather than creating a border or margin that the traditional veneer would sit on, our skilled technicians custom design your ultra-thin LUMINEERS™ to custom-fit so that it can be feathered into the tooth right before the gum line. With this additive the only approach, your LUMINEERS™ will not be bulky or noticeable. 

The LUMINEER™ Advantage

  • A natural cosmetic result that truly mimics the look of your teeth.
  • No drilling or removal of vital tooth structure (in most cases).
  • Notorious for their longevity, LUMINEERS™ are clinically proven to last up to 20 years and include a 5-year warranty!
  • The procedure can be reversed as the tooth structure is left intact after placement (in most cases).
  • In most cases, no anesthesia is needed. 


LUMINEERS™ are durable and easy to care for. Just like your natural teeth, they require a regular oral hygiene regimen and continual visits to your dentists for cleanings and checkups. With LUMINEERS™ you can continue eating and drinking everything you normally did before the procedure!

LUMINEERS™ Are Not An Appropriate Treatment For:

  • Improper tooth positioning
  • Large discrepancies in root position
  • Poor bite relations or poor facial profile
  • Teeth that are large or forward positioned

What is the Difference Between LUMINEERS™ and Traditional Veneers?

 Traditional VeneersLUMINEERS™
Tooth PositionCorrects Minor ProblemsNeeds Better Positioning
Lost or Damaged EnamelCan Replace EnamelCan Replace Enamel in Most Cases
ReversibleNoYes, Most of the Time
Removal of Enamel to PrepYes, necessary for a seamless lookNot necessary in most cases an additive only approach is taken
Reversible Preparation StageNo, removal of tooth enamel is necessary.Yes
Needs FreezingFreezing is NecessaryNo Freezing Necessary
Time of Procedure10 – 14 days30 days
Temporary VeneersNecessaryNot Necessary

How Much Do LUMINEERS™  Cost?

Each patient’s case is different; therefore, fees often vary. Your dentist will determine the cost of your treatment plan after a thorough examination.

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    Before vs. After LUMINEERS™

    As you can see below, LUMINEERS™ can truly transform your smile.