While some people have naturally straight teeth, many others don’t and this can often make you feel embarrassed of your smile or cause you to hide when you eat or speak because you may not be comfortable with the way your teeth look. In addition to their appearance, crooked, misplaced and crowded teeth can also lead to pain and discomfort because of the higher possibility of tooth decay.

When teeth are not straight or there’s too many of them, the cleaning process a lot more difficult and challenging, putting you at risk for oral problems like tooth decay, which is not only unpleasant to look at but very painful as well. What’s worse is that if left untreated, this condition will affect your overall health as well.

Luckily, this condition, along with crooked, misplaced and crowded teeth, can all be fixed with braces, which will help you achieve a smile you love and won’t be embarrassed of. Braces will straighten teeth and while you may not necessarily love having them in your mouth, the difference they make is worth the small amount of time you need to wear them for. Remember that the time spent with your braces is a lot less compared to many dental problems you will have to deal with throughout your life if you decide not to pursue this route.

Even patients with straight teeth may require braces if they have an overbite, jaw misalignment or an underbite. These are issues that must be taken seriously; otherwise, they will become very painful to deal with later on and will affect the condition of your teeth.

Even if you don’t have a serious condition for which braces are mandatory, you may decide to use them for the sake of vanity and this is a very common request that many patients are interested in. Braces will help you achieve a smile that you’re both happy and confident with and this will make a positive impact on your life. Better teeth and a nicer smile result in a better job performance, more social interactions and a happier version of you. A smile that you constantly try to hide will result in a lack of confidence and impact your life negatively, which is just one of the reasons why braces are so important. They can transform your appearance and prevent health issues you will not want to deal with.

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