Invisalign has become a popular alternative for teeth straightening because of its subtlety. Unlike braces, Invisalign does not require brackets or wires. Instead, Invisalign uses clear, customizable aligners. These removable pieces are virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will notice that you are wearing aligners.


Your dentist uses the latest 3D technology to create custom aligners that fit your teeth perfectly. Every few weeks, they will change your aligners so that your teeth gradually and comfortably shift into a straight and beautiful smile. You should follow these tips to make your Invisalign process go as smoothly as possible.

Use Your Case

Always carry your Invisalign case with you to easily store your aligners. Leaving them out in the open makes it easier for them to get lost or accidentally thrown out. Your case also protects your aligners from germs and dirt that are found in pockets, bags and tables.

Brush After Eating

Brushing your teeth after every meal or snack before putting your aligners back in will keep them clean. If you put them back on while there is still food particles on your teeth, you increase your chances of stubborn plaque buildup. That is because normally your saliva helps breakdown food left on your teeth but, with aligners on, saliva cannot do its job. Remember, you should never eat or drink anything besides water while you have aligners on.

Floss Every Day

With Invisalign, flossing is more important than ever. The aligners can hold food that’s left over after brushing right up against your teeth. Be sure to thoroughly clean in between your teeth with floss every single day.

Exercise Your Aligners

Chew on plastic chewies provided by your dentist for at least 10 minutes every day. This exercise keeps your trays moulded to your teeth and in line. It can also prevent you from unnecessary snacking throughout the day.

Set Alarms

Many patients end up having to prolong their treatment because they forgot to put their aligners back in after eating. That is why you should set a timer when you remove your aligners so that you remember to put them back in when you are done eating. Doing this will ensure your treatment plan gives you the desired results quicker.

Soak Trays

While you are eating, it is an excellent habit to soak your aligners in retainer or denture cleaner. This way they are less likely to develop a bad odour or become stained. Soaking your aligners for at least 20 minutes each day will keep them clean and smelling fresh.

Take Aligners Out While Working Out

Intense cardio or playing sports with your aligners in can be challenging because of the spit and dryness that can accumulate in your mouth. That is why you should take them out while you workout – just remember to put them back in.


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