Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, affects nearly half the population with its pesky and painful symptoms. Many believe that it is normal if their gums bleed; however, it could be the early signs of onset periodontitis. It is crucial to understand what the infection is, how it develops and the symptoms associated with it to stop it before it starts or worsens. KR Dental is committed to keeping you informed to help you maintain optimal oral health.Stay in control of your dental hygiene and know what you can do about gum disease. Check out our guide to understanding periodontitis and the symptoms associated with it to be in the know.

Causes Of Periodontal Disease

Our gums, just like many other areas of the body, are full of bacteria. The bacteria inside the mouth, along with mucus, can build-up and form plaque inside the teeth. Plaque will worsen if you do not consistently brush and floss to remove it and keep your teeth healthy and breath smelling fresh. The additional causes of gum disease include the following:

  • Smoking tobacco
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy or menopause
  • Certain medications that impact saliva flow
  • Poor diet 
  • Stress affecting the body
  • Alcohol dependency

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Recognizing the signs of gum disease early on is imperative to reducing the risk of further complications. Our Oshawa dental clinic offers periodic treatments to restore a patient’s gums to a healthy condition. Here are the signs to look for to detect gum disease:

  • Swollen or Bleeding Gums: The most common indicator of gum disease is bleeding or inflamed gums. You may find yourself bleeding when flossing or brushing around the gum area and feel pain.
  • Bad Breath: The plaque build-up in your mouth that is causing the infection also produce a bad smell that emits from your mouth. It damages the mouth and irritates the gums.
  • Sensitive Teeth: You may notice sharp, irritating tooth pain when you consume a hot or cold drink or bite into food. The roots of your teeth may be inflamed, which are damaging the gum tissue.
  • Loose Teeth: Periodontal disease can cause teeth to become loose and pull away from the gum tissue. Tartar causes the gums to pull away from the teeth and create gaps which can get infected by plaque.

How Is Gum Disease Diagnosed?

Periodontitis is diagnosed via a visit at our Oshawa dentist office and a consultation with a periodontist to see if treatment is necessary. Our dental hygienist will examine the gums to detect signs of inflammation and prepare treatment based on the patient’s needs.

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