We all want to see our kids smile, and in addition to happiness, a healthy smile is a must. Most kids love sweets, and if they had their way, they would eat all of the wrong foods. While having some treats here and there is fine, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet because this will make a big difference in their oral health. Their teeth will shine, and the right foods will prevent frequent visits to the dentist.

It’s not always easy, but the following tips will help you give your child a beautiful smile that is both bright and healthy:

Make Sure They Eat A Well-Balanced Diet Of Fruits And Veggies

Vegetables contain nutrients and antioxidants, so they are important for a child’s entire body. The same is true of fruit, and apples, in particular, are great because they have the ability to naturally scrub and clean teeth.

Incorporate Calcium Into Their Diet

This mineral is needed by our bodies because it allows us to have healthy bones and teeth. It also allows for proper function of the heart, muscles and nerves, so make sure your child drinks plenty of milk, and add cheese and yogurt into their diet. These are excellent sources of calcium, as are dark leafy vegetables and calcium-fortified foods like tofu, for example.

Minimize Snacking Habits

Unhealthy treats will negatively affect your child’s teeth, and their smile will suffer as a result. Sticky foods and sweet treats will impact their oral health by increasing their risk of tooth decay. These types of snacks will get stuck between their teeth, so snacking should be kept to a minimum, and it’s a must that they brush as soon as possible to prevent sugar and other unhealthy ingredients from sticking to their teeth. Every kid will want snacks, and it’s okay to eat a treat here and there or on special occasions, but this should not become a part of their regular routine.

Replace Soda With Water

Drinking large amounts of soda can lead to childhood obesity because these drinks are loaded with sugars and acids, which are extremely unhealthy. Additionally, these ingredients are also very harmful to one’s teeth and cause tooth decay, so it’s best to limit soda intake and give them water instead.

Offer Them Sugarless Gum

Every child will crave treats, and there’s no way around this, so if you find that they are old enough for chewing gum, offer them a sugarless option. Chewing gum actually has a few benefits because it stimulates saliva and helps keep teeth clean. Additionally, because sugarless gum contains xylitol, the combination of this and excess saliva will help reduce plaque and will also fight cavities while preventing the growth of oral bacteria.

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